You have found all the hazards.
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A worker is cutting branches overhead.
These branches could fall on a worker.  If you see an unsafe work situation, say something.
The tarp on the ground is a slipping/tripping hazard.
Take initiative. Clean it up and help keep your workplace safe.
One worker is spraying towards a fellow worker and is not wearing the proper protective equipment.
Be aware of other workers around you. You have the right to proper protective equipment and the responsibility to use it correctly.
The ladder is not being used properly.
You need to use ladder legs, not lean it against a tree.  You have the right to proper training before you start a job.
The tools on the ground are a tripping hazard.
If it looks unsafe, it probably is. Remove tripping hazards if you can, or talk to your supervisor.
One worker is wearing sandals while using a lawn mower.
Proper footwear is a requirement when working around tools and equipment. Come to work prepared and if you don’t know what’s safe — ask the question.
This worker is wearing ear buds.
This is a hearing and a distraction hazard. Plus, the wires could get caught in the machine.  You have a responsibility to put distracting devices in a safe place before starting work.
The sprayer is not upright.
The sprayer could leak dangerous chemicals if not upright. Demand a safe work site.
Tap on an area you find that is hazardous