You have found all the hazards.
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The pizza boxes are stacked too high and on a stove which could cause a fire.
This is an easy one to overlook.  Assess the risks in your workplace and do something to remove them.
Water has been spilled on the floor.
You have a right to a clean and orderly work environment. If you see a hazard that might cause an accident, clean it up.
A knife is sticking out past the counter’s edge.
Move dangerous objects to a safe spot. 
The cleaning solution is sitting on the counter and we don’t know if the bottle has a proper WHMIS label.
Open cleaning solutions can contaminate food and harm your health. Put cleaning products away, make sure bottles are correctly labeled, and talk to your supervisor.
The oven door is open.
Accidents happen quickly. Assess the risks, do something about it, and make sure you’ve had proper training.
A bucket is blocking the aisle.
Take the initiative to move dangerously placed objects and use proper grease collection systems. You have the right to a safe workplace.
Oven mitts are required to move a pot of boiling water.
Using proper equipment is your responsibility and right. The oven mitts pictured have holes and shouldn’t be on the stove.
The rag is contaminated, possibly with chemicals.
You have the right to a clean workspace. Remove the rag from the food area. It could contaminate the food or cause skin irritations.
Tap on an area you find that is hazardous