You have found all the hazards.
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The server’s load includes a broken dish and is large and unstable. It could easily fall and injure the worker.
If your employer asks you to do something that feels dangerous, you have the right to speak up.
The wet floor could cause the server to slip.
This hazard should be corrected immediately. Your employer should be regularly inspecting your work environment for potential hazards.
The server is awkwardly extending her body by reaching across the booth; this could cause an injury.
If something feels awkward or dangerous, ask your supervisor about a better way to approach the task.
There's a broken glass on the table. The server could cut herself.
The employer must provide the server with training and the proper equipment so she can clean it up safely right away.
She's wearing incorrect footwear for the job. She needs shoes with covered toes and anti-slip protection.
Ask your employer or health and safety representative what's safe to wear.
The napkin on the floor is a tripping hazard. It should be picked up.
Correct any unsafe conditions or immediately report them to your supervisor.
The purse on the floor is a tripping hazard.
It's your employer's responsibility to identify safety hazards and develop programs to eliminate them.
The area between the dining room and kitchen contains a blind corner where workers could collide.
As a worker, you may notice hazards that no one else does; keep yourself and others safe by speaking up.
Tap on an area you find that is hazardous